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Be A Kid

Because Every Child Deserves to

  • play freely,
  • laugh loudly,
  • and explore the wonder of the world in a joyfully inquisitive way.
Every child deserves the opportunity to try something new, connect with community, and do so without the judgmental and scrutinizing gaze of the people around them. Unfortunately, for Black, Indigenous and Children of Colour, they often don't get these opportunities.
BIPOC Kids often face barriers when it comes to… being a kid. Barriers to participating in activities like finances, travel, time, lack of knowledge, stigma, fear for safety, and even just feeling like they’re going to stick out or be the only racialized kid there.

About the Program

Thanks to funding from the Victoria Foundation Community Grants Program, each month we invite BIPOC Kids, and their immediate support system, to join us for a new activity.
  • For children who identify as BIPOC and/or have racialized ancestry.
  • White passing kiddos and white support system individuals are welcome.
  • Currently open to residents in the Greater Victoria and surrounding areas.
  • Free to participate. Donations welcome when financially possible.

2023 Activities

We are currently booking some super fun activities for the upcoming months. We are looking into opportunities like rock climbing, pottery, horseback riding, theatre, and much more. Below is what we currently to offer:

To register, please visit our events page.

If you or the BIPOC kiddo in your life has a specific activity they would like to do surrounded in the safety of an affinity group, please email us to let us know.

Thank You Activity Sponsors

Thank you to the wonderful organizations who have partnered with us by providing discounted activities, supplies, food and drink, and more. Your support has helped us offer even more opportunities for racialized kids to... be a kid.
Kids Blowing Bubbles
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