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Diverse Book Baskets

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About the Baskets

The MAR Education Advocacy Team, comprised of Teachers, Educational-Assistants, Administrators, and parents, have curated lists of age appropriate, culturally diverse books for children from Preschool through to Grade 12. 

When you purchase, request, or nominate a basket, our team sources those books with our suppliers, and orders them for you. Because we do not have the means or the space to house hundreds of books (we can dream), we place orders at least once a month. We know you are excited to receive your basket but we promise it will be well worth the wait.

For more details on the process and shipping times, please see our FAQ.

Sponsor the Diverse Book Basket Program

Educators, parents, caregivers - everyone - need diverse books for in their classrooms and homes to help teach children antiracism, cultural competency, and decolonization. Not everyone can afford to diversify their library.


Support our program by sponsoring a Book Basket ($125) or donating any amount you choose. All donations to the program will be used to get as many baskets to classrooms and families as possible. 

If you are a Corporate Sponsor, please see our info sheet or email us to discuss sponsoring.

Give, Gift, or Get a Diverse Book Basket

Would you like to receive a sponsored diverse book basket for your home or classroom? Request one!

Want a basket for yourself ASAP and don't need to wait for a sponsored one? Buy one!

Know someone who should receive a sponsored basket for their home or classroom? Nominate one!

Want to surprise someone with a basket compliments of you? Gift one!

Want to go in on a basket for yourself or someone else with us? Contribute to one!

PACs and Community Libraries

For a bulk purchase of Book Baskets, or for our mixed lists of Elementary (K-7) and High School (8-12), or for a bulk purchase of our mixed lists, please order using the PAC order form. Kindly note, shipping times of 4-6 weeks still apply.

This sounds too good to be true, right?! I know! We are pretty excited about this program.

After reading our FAQs, and realizing this is the real deal, we hope you will be super excited too. 

Information Downloads

Diverse Book Baskets Promo Sheet 1.png

Promo Sheet 1

Diverse Book Baskets Promo Sheet 2.png

Promo Sheet 2

Diverse Book Baskets Promo Sheet - Corpo

Corporate Sheet

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PAC Info Sheet

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