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Diverse Book Baskets

Frequently Asked Questions

Content Questions:

1. How do you choose the books for each basket?


We have a team of Educators, parents, book publishers and booksellers working together to curate diverse book lists for every grade level. Book baskets will contain an assortment of those books depending on availability at the time. And, as new books are released and reviewed, if they meet our standards, we will add them to the lists!


2. If I purchase a basket for myself or someone else, can I choose the books that will be included?

Our book baskets contain a carefully selected range of books that we are proud to be shipping to families and classrooms across Canada. Although we are not able to take specific book requests for individual baskets, if you have a favorite book you would like to see included in the baskets please write to us with your suggestions.


3. Are you currently taking suggestions for books to be included in the baskets?

Yes! We love finding out about new wonderfully diverse books. Please email us at with your suggestions.


4. What if I already own a book that is sent in my basket?


Bonus! Here is a great opportunity to gift a diverse book to someone else you know. Or, keep a backup for when your original copy starts to fall apart because you have read it SO MUCH.



Financial Questions:


1. Will I receive a tax receipt if I sponsor a basket?

Unfortunately no, MAR is a non-profit organization but not yet registered as a charity and therefore cannot provide tax receipts. We are working on our status though, so stay tuned!


2. If my company sponsors a basket, will it receive advertising or recognition on the MAR website or Facebook page?

Each month we will post a recap on our Facebook page and in our monthly newsletter of all the people who sponsored book baskets that month. When sponsoring five (5) or more book baskets at one time, special promotional recognition can be applied. If interested in these opportunities, please email for more information. 


3. Can I pay for a basket using cash?

At this time we do not have an option to accept cash in person. However, at the time of check out, you are welcome to send an e-transfer to complete your purchase or sponsorship.



Logistical Questions:


1. If I am partially sponsoring or partially purchasing a basket what happens next?


Once you pay your partial amount via PayPal or e-transfer, we will add you to our list of nominees waiting for sponsorship. As soon as we receive a sponsorship amount equal to the amount left owing, your basket will be shipped and you will receive a notification via email!


2. If multiple parents nominate the same classroom, will the classroom receive multiple book baskets?


No; due to high demand, we are limiting the amount of sponsored (free) book baskets to one per classroom or family. You may however purchase as many baskets as you wish and distribute them accordingly!


3. I forgot to put my name or my nominee’s name in the PayPal description; what should I do now?


No problem! Just send an email to and we will match your donation or purchase to the correct basket.


4. If I am sponsoring a basket, can I choose a specific family or classroom from your nominees list?


No, due to confidentiality reasons we will not be making our list public. You can either nominate someone you know and purchase their basket, or you can sponsor an MAR basket and we will make sure it goes to a wonderful family or classroom on our MAR request list!


5. How long will my basket take to arrive?


Well, it depends. If you are eagerly awaiting a sponsored basket, we will only be able to fill that request once we have a sponsorship to cover it. From then, and for any purchased baskets, for our first round of orders (January 2021) we are anticipating shipping them out in mid February. So depending on when you ordered or requested one, and if we have enough baskets sponsored, it could be in the range of four to six weeks. After our initial orders with our books suppliers we should have a quicker turnaround time of approximately two to three weeks assuming we have the baskets sponsored.


6. Is there a guarantee that if I nominate someone, they will receive a basket?


If the person has not previously been nominated or received a sponsored basket, then, yes! You have our Moms Against Racism Canada guarantee that once we have a matching sponsorship to the request, your nominee will be shipped a basket. Feel free to check in with us at if you are concerned your nominee has been missed.


7. Can I fill out the form multiple times to nominate different families/classrooms?


Yes! Our Big Dream is to send baskets to every classroom across Canada. That said, please keep in mind that some schools and families may not *need* a sponsored basket. Instead, they are welcome to purchase a basket and we will send the same awesome diverse books to them in our next shipment.


8. Can I nominate someone anonymously?


At this time we are not doing anonymous nominations; the family or classroom you nominate will be sent an email with your name. We are sure they will be very happy to thank you!

9. Is there a way to surprise my nominee so they won’t know about the basket until it arrives?


We love gifting people surprises too! Right now, the only way for a book basket to be a surprise for someone is if you, as the gifter, purchase the basket, have it delivered to your home, and then you bring it to your person. Nominees for sponsored baskets will still receive the surprise of receiving a basket - they will just know about it before it physically arrives.


10. Is there any specific criteria to qualify for a sponsored (free) basket?


No. We believe so strongly in the need for children to have access to diverse books that if you ask, we will send you a diverse book basket. No further questions, other than “where we shipping to?”, will be asked. 


We trust that if, or when, you can financially contribute, you will.

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