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Kerry Cavers (she/her)

Founder and President

Kerry is an anti-racism advocate, facilitator, community builder and founder of Moms Against Racism (Canada). She is a biracial, Black presenting, cis-gender woman of African, English, Swedish. Kerry is a mom to 3 young kiddos under the age of 10; two of whom are white presenting and one who is Black presenting.

Born on the traditional territory of the Songhees First Nation, now known as Victoria, BC, Kerry grew up with her white mother, in a predominantly white town, disconnected from her Black heritage. Over the last twenty years she has been on a journey to discover who she is, reconnect to culture, and learn the stories of her ancestors. This included earning a degree in Psychology, becoming certified in Emotional Intelligence, and years of personal development programs, workshops, and trainings. 

Kerry found many of her friends wanted to discuss racism and how to raise anti-racist children. Although emotionally taxing, she welcomed these opportunities for dialogue and to influence a shift in understanding. Wanting to inspire change on a larger scale, she created MAR Canada to bring Moms, and those in mothering roles, together in a mutual aid movement to fight systemic racism.

Advocacy Team Leads

Profile (2) - levonne abshire.jpg

Levonne Abshire

Healthcare Advocacy Team Co-Lead

Symbia Barnaby 2.jpg

Symbia Barnaby

Healthcare Advocacy Team Co-Lead

Karissa Crawley.jpg

Karissa Crawley

Education Advocacy Team Co-Lead

Operations & Admin Leads

Vanessa French.jpg

Vanessa French

Community Manager

Rachel Beaton Headshot.jpg

Rachel Beaton

Executive Coordinator

corinne-002 copy - Corinne Kessel.jpg

Corinne Kessel

Strategic Partnerships

Jen Labelle.jpg

Jennifer LaBelle

Education Advocacy Team Co-Lead

Image by Becca

Kelly Pickford

Childcare Advocacy Team Co-Lead

Image by Daniel Diesenreither

Lovely Kaur Sidhu

Childcare Advocacy Team Co-Lead


Jenica Enquist

Book Basket Coordinator

Stacey Burke Headshot.JPEG.jpeg

Stacey Wilson Burke

Curriculum Developer

Image by Tom Radetzki

Sacha Sauvé

Grant Writer and Fundraiser

Operations & Admin

Team Members

Image by mana5280

Tami Fletcher

Events Manager

IMG_8862 - Becky Jack.jpeg

Becky Jack


Image by Tom Radetzki

Christina Gislason

Content Creator


Michelle Robindell

Admin Support

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-30 at 18.40.00 -

Annika Siemens

Admin Support

Image by Mark Basarab

Grant Admin Support

Lourdes Louden

received_184044960080763~2 - Layne Johns

Layne Percival

Community Moderator

Image by Danika Perkinson

Michelle Brassens

Community Moderator

Meghan Vaughan Headshot.jpg


Meghan Vaughan

Advocacy Team Members

Caitlin Baker.jpg

Caitlin Baker

Education Advocacy Team Member

957F8C2E-CEF6-4CC8-81A8-B3FBBC8E6412 - S

Sabrina L'Heureux

Education Advocacy Team Member

Amanda Panthaki.jpeg

Education Advocacy Team Member

Amanda Panthaki

IMG_2471 - Lacey C.jpg

Lacey McLaughlin

Education Advocacy Team Member

Image by Sebastian Kurpiel

Natalie Miller

Education Advocacy Team Member

Image by Brent Jones

Education Advocacy Team Member

Hana Kucera

Education Advocacy Team (EAT)

Healthcare Advocacy Team (HAT)


Pat Baxter

Healthcare Advocacy Team Member

Tenny King Headshot.jpg

Tenny King

Healthcare Advocacy Team Member

SGlegg+2016+CFRI+Headshot - Stephanie Gl

Healthcare Advocacy Team Member

Stephanie Glegg

sassy-earring - Dana GreenRemedios.jpg

Dana Green Remedios

Healthcare Advocacy Team Member

Alli Epp 1.jpg

Allie Marie Epp

Healthcare Advocacy Team Member

Image by mana5280

Healthcare Advocacy Team Member

Zoe Hoskins Light

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