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Shift Your Perspective

The following workshops have been developed, and are facilitated by, Moms Against Racism volunteers. Our trainings are primarily geared towards parents, educators, childcare providers, and other adults who are in roles overseeing children.

If your organization would benefit from a training on a particular subject you do not see below, please reach out by email to discuss your needs. We are continuously developing new workshops and may have something on the horizon that would work for you.

To inquire about rates and availability, please email us.

For Parents

How to Raise

an Anti-Racist Child

 With compassion and bravery,

MAR invites parents to identify and dismantle racism around them, root out racist biases within them, and actively commit to learning how to raise anti-racist children.

Family on Digital Tablet

I wanted to thank you for the presentation last night. It was profound to me, I don’t know how else to explain it. I cannot thank you enough for your permission to discuss and how amazing your leadership is to create this space for discussion as mothers and mothering figures. Your words were both like poetry and science at the same time to me because of how you wove the overarching concepts into lived experience. ~Megan

For Educators

How to Deal with Racism at School

This workshop is for any educators, teachers, or support staff, who wish to be prepared on how to respond to instances of racism in a culturally competent and compassionate way. This workshop will include strategies, phrases, resources, and opportunities for further learning.  

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Teacher and Kids in Library

These workshop presenters were excellent! I left the workshop feeling empowered. I feel braver and more confident at pursuing anti-racism in my district. I plan to read more and practice those hard conversations. Thank you. You two were amazing. ~Attendee from Tapestry Conference, February 2021

For Educators

Strategies to Engage with Indigenous Communities to Bring Indigenous Learnings to the Classroom

This workshop is for any educators, teachers, or support staff, who want to create relationships with Indigenous communities to bring authentic Indigenous experiences into classrooms. We will explore how to make schools and classrooms a more welcoming place for indigenous students and their families. This workshop will serve to increase your cultural competency and cultural humility, provide a high level overview of Indigenous and Canadian history, and leave you with strategies to engage with your local Indigenous communities.

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Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno

The presenters were a wonderful team, and they shared valuable, and helpful information this afternoon. I can now easily see where I have taken missteps in my attempts to have elders visit my classroom, and I have some ideas how I can improve.  ~Attendee from Tapestry Conference, February 2021

For Everyone

Crafting Your Personal Land Acknowledgement

Land acknowledgments are foundational to truth and reconciliation. Knowing and acknowledging whose land you are on is part of the "truth". It is a starting point. And when we know better, we can do better.

In this workshop we will:
*give you the background information you need to be confident explaining why territory acknowledgments are important,

*share a few things you should NOT do,
walk you through crafting your own personal land acknowledgment, and

*give you the opportunity to practice in a small group setting

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Image by Ronald Baars

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can support us:



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Put your dollars to work fighting racism.


We have roles for everyone.

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