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April 12th is Equal Pay Day

Moms Against Racism shares just how poorly Canadian women are paid and how it's even worse when you're not white.

Infographic on the water crisis in First Nations Communities across Canada

Infographic text:

April 12, 2022 - Equal Pay Day

April 12th marks Equal Pay Day in Canada. The day symbolizes how far into the calendar year the average woman needs to work to earn what men, on average, earned in the previous calendar year.

15.5 Months: Women, on average, need to work 15.5 months to earn what men, on average, make in just 12 months.

Gender Pay Gap in Canada:
  • On average, women earn 89 cents for every dollar men make

  • Indigenous women earn 35% less than non-Indigenous men, or 65 cents on the dollar

  • Racialized women earn 33% less than non-racialized men, or 67 cents on the dollar

  • Newcomer women earn 29% less than non-newcomer men, or 71 cents on the dollar

How can we end the Gender Pay Gap?
  • Ongoing audits of compensation and gendered advancement opportunities

  • Prioritization of workplace flexibility, especially for mothers and caregivers

  • Implementation of pay transparency policies


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