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What We Offer

To meet our mission, Moms Against Racism (Canada) offers several different programs:



MAR Shift is our workshop series where, on a monthly basis, we host workshops for our members around topics like anti-racism, cultural competence, and decolonization. Often we also make these workshops available to the public. Upcoming workshops can be found under events

PAC Workshops

We love talking to PAC families as an extension of what we do in MAR. We are currently developing a series of workshops that guides parents through how to raise anti-racist children starting with anti-racism basics, privilege, cultural competence, and allyship.

Current offering:

  • How to Raise An Anti-Racist Child

Educator Trainings / Pro-D Day Workshops

Educators have a unique, and critical, opportunity to help raise the next generations to be anti-racist. However, many are working to simultaneously unpack what they were taught while doing their best to bring trauma-informed and anti-racist teachings to their classrooms. We are here to help with practical learnings and tools educators can implement right away. 

Current Offerings:

  • How to Deal with Racism at School

  • Strategies to Engage Indigenous Communities to bring Indigenous Learning into the Classroom

Diverse Book Baskets

10 Culturally Diverse Books Delivered to Classrooms and Families Across Canada

The MAR Education Advocacy Team has curated a list of ten (10) culturally diverse books for Pre-K through to Grade 12. Each basket comes with additional resources and downloadable lesson/activity plans to help parents and educators make the most of the books. 

Mutual Aid Support Groups

Moms Against Racism (Canada) Online Private Group

This is where MAR began and where much of our peer-to-peer, mom-to-mom, learning and support happens. Within the group members are encouraged to post questions, share learnings, celebrate wins and seek out support. The group is compassionately moderated ensuring it is a brave, safe space for unlearning and learning to occur.

Anti-Racism At Home

This is a monthly support group style gathering, facilitated by MAR Founder or Team Lead volunteers. It is an opportunity for members to come together to share their parenting struggles and share tips and insights on how to bring anti-racism values into their homes. During this time together we are often taking a deeper dive into concepts or current events are members are interested in discussing. Upcoming sessions can be found on our events page.

Behind the Smile: Candid Conversations with BIPOC Moms

This is another monthly mutual support group style gathering, facilitated by MAR Founder or Team Lead volunteers, that holds space specifically for Black, Indigenous, and Moms of Colour. It is an opportunity for our BIPOC moms to candidly share their experiences, feel validated and supported, and build our village. Uniquely, we also invite white moms to join the event as silent participants there to bear witness and hold space for our BIPOC moms. Every session is emotional and impactful for everyone involved. Upcoming sessions can be found on our events page.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can support us:



Buy, wear, gift MAR brand apparel.


Put your dollars to work fighting racism.


We have roles for everyone.

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