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Family Adventure Camp Workshops

The best way we can support our kids to "Be A Kid", is to do our own personal growth as parents and caregivers. We are excited to offer a day of optional workshops that invest in you.

Workshop Schedule

There is a workshop for everyone, maybe even more than one. We encourage everyone to participate. Some sessions may get uncomfortable or emotional, and that's okay. Please take care of yourself and choose what works best for you. All workshops are optional. 

Friday, September 22nd

6:00pm - 7:30pm: Orientation + Workshop: Tent setup

7:30pm - 8:30pm: Campfire + Workshop: Building a Campfire

Saturday, September 22nd

9:00am - 10:30am: BIPOC Parents

10:30am - 12:00pm: Dads

1:00pm - 3:00pm: White Parents

3:00pm - 4:00pm: Everyone


Our Unlearning

Our Unlearning and Healing Journey

Some of us were blessed with families that taught us about racism, white supremacy, our cultures, and our inherent strength and value. ​Others were not. ​Without this foundation, many of us are now unlearning white supremacy ideology we absorbed growing up. Whether our families felt it was safest to assimilate or it was just never discussed, we are now left with the task of making sense of something the world just expects us to know. ​We have a lot of racism to unpack and a lot of racial healing to do. Let's talk through it together. ​Details: This workshop is for BIPOC parents interested in unpacking racism and healing together. It will primarily be conversational with some discussion prompts. Leaving this session, parents will have language to describe their experiences and increased sense of belonging. ​Facilitator: Kerry Cavers (she/her/hers) is an anti-racism advocate, facilitator, and founder of Moms Against Racism (Canada). She is a biracial, Black presenting, cis-gender woman of African, English, Swedish, and Irish descent. Kerry has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0/ EQ 360) Certified Practitioner. She has been delivering impactful anti-racism and anti-oppression workshops to a broad range of audiences over the last three years including the BC Government, non-profit organizations, educators, childcare providers, parents, and children. She has been interviewed many times and participated on several panels speaking on topics such as racism in the workplace, in schools, and in parenting. With immense gratitude, Kerry, her partner, and their 3 children live as guests on the traditional territories of the Lək̓ʷəŋən people, colonially referred to as Victoria, BC. Kerry is committed to using the power and privilege she does have to support Indigenous sovereignty as guided by the First Nations, Metis and Inuit of Turtle Island.

Super Dads

Super Dads Managing Big Emotions

Managing emotions can be overwhelming: our reactions in stressful situations can be instantaneous and undesirable, causing harm to others and ourselves. This workshop provides support for dads who want to better engage with their child(ren) and build their own emotional resilience to manage challenges in life. This workshop focuses on helping dads understand emotions. We’ll spend time on how we can better engage with our child(ren)’s emotions to support their emotional health. We’ll also focus on ourselves using an emotional intelligence model and learn strategies that help us become models of emotional health! Details: This workshop is meant for dads/male caregivers who want to improve their emotional engagement with their child(ren) and become better at managing their own emotions. Dads can then apply their learning immediately when spending quality time with their child(ren) using a specific approach to engage with emotional expressions, and in managing their own emotions using strategies to be more present. Facilitator: Kevin Chin (he/him) Hi there! I am an uninvited settler currently living on the territories of the Esquimalt and Songhees nations with my spouse and two boys (ages 10- and seven). After moving here four years ago from Toronto, I am very grateful to be on these lands and to enjoying them with my family. I’m a second generation Chinese-Canadian who grew up in Montréal’s Chinatown where my great-grandfather was among the first Chinese to immigrate in the late 1800s. My parents both have ancestral roots to Guangdong province in China. In my day job with the B.C. Public Service, I deliver workshops on resilience, psychological safety, and positive psychology. As a certified emotional intelligence coach, I’m also keen on helping people unravel the mysteries of workplace (as well as out-of-work) emotions. As a life-long learner, I am currently working on certifications to become a breathing coach and teacher of Compassion-Based Resilience Training. Being a dad is a huge part of my identity, and I’ve been keen to offer support to other dads in different ways. At work, I’ve facilitated a “Super Dads Super Kids” program, focused on relating better to and connecting with our child(ren); committing more quality time with our child(ren); and teaching our child(ren) about important topics like emotions, health, and communication. In the fall, my boys and I are running a “Kids and Dads LEGO Club” in James Bay, a weekly meetup for male caregivers and their child(ren) to play together and meet others.

White Supremacy in Families

White parenting educator Jen Lumanlan had known about racism - including structural racism - for a long time. It wasn't until she heard, on Black podcaster Malaika Dower's show "How to Get Away with Parenting", that Black parents might be afraid to take their child into a grocery store with their own snack in case someone thinks they stole it, that she realized she has White privilege as a parent. Since then she's been on a journey to understand her own privileges and biases, and how these intersect with other social issues like patriarchy and capitalism. In this workshop we'll learn about the ways White supremacy (and perhaps patriarchy and capitalism as well) have impacted us, as our parents and caregivers did the best they could to prepare us for success in a world governed by these social forces - but this process profoundly hurt us. This isn't about hating Whiteness or White people, and it isn't about blaming or shaming anyone. We'll be vulnerable (as and when you're ready), and we'll learn and grow together. Details Through reflecting on their own experiences, plus learning some foundational information around social forces like White Supremacy, participatns will make their own connections to their parenting practices. This session is for White parents, as an affinity session, to work on unlearning biases that could negatively impact their relationships with their children. Facilitator: JEN LUMANLAN, MS, MEd, (she/her) hosts the Your Parenting Mojo podcast, which was named Best Research-Based Parenting Podcast by Lifehacker and has been downloaded over 3 million times. After attending Berkeley and Yale and following a traditional career path in sustainability consulting, Jen found that parenting was her toughest challenge yet. She went back to school for a master’s degree in psychology focused on child development and another in education, and trained as a Co-Active coach to share what she learned with other parents. She is the author of the new book Parenting Beyond Power: How to Use Connection and Collaboration to Transform Your Family - and the World. For more information, please visit

White Supremacy

Coast Salish Art and Culture Class

Coast Salish Art

Have you ever wondered about local indigenous culture? You are welcome to attend this workshop where you will learn a bit about Coast Salish art and culture. Together we will hear about Coast Salish art basics, some main reasons for the art and a story that includes some of the art. You will then be led in a drawing exercise where you will learn to use some basic shapes to draw an animal from the story. If we have enough time then you will also be welcome to paint or colour-in your creation while I can answer any questions that you might have. Huychqu' (thank-you) for considering learning about this beautiful art and culture and how it can apply to your life here in Coast Salish territory. Details: This heart-opening session is open to everyone - both big and little kids. We will provide all the necessary materials. Facilitator: Andrea Fritz is a Coast Salish artist and author from the Lyackson First Nation of the Hul’qumi’num speaking Peoples on the West Coast of Canada. She learned West Coast Native art in the Victoria school district from Victor Newman (Kwagiulth). Andrea strives to express her people’s history and all our futures using her art. She focuses on animals and scenes of the West Coast of Canada and our intricate relationships with them. Andrea works in the mediums of acrylic on canvas/wood, serigraph, vector art, and multimedia. She has had numerous shows of her work including at Eagle Feather Gallery, the Place Gallery and The Outpost at Ketchikan. Andrea teaches Coast Salish art to students in the Victoria school district and throughout the province. Andrea has participated in community based art pieces including Oaklands walking signs, Sir James Douglas Elementary mural, and an elder gift from her nation for an Elder’s retreat to Lummi. Andrea plans to continue sharing her knowledge of the art as well as create new art to inspire change. She hopes to show the beauty of the people, places, animals and stories in our corner of the world.

Thank You to our Partners

Thanks to funding from the Victoria Foundation Community Grants Program, and the generous partnership of Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre, we are able to bring the 'Be A Kid' program to Hornby, BC.  
Each month we invite BIPOC Kids, and their immediate support system, to join us for a new activity to 'Be A Kid'.
  • For children who identify as BIPOC and/or have racialized ancestry.
  • White passing kiddos and white support system individuals are welcome.
  • Currently open to residents in the Greater Victoria and surrounding areas.
  • Free to participate. Donations welcome when financially possible.
Camp Fire at Night
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